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We believe home finance should be better for all Americans. It should be fast, transparent, and low-cost. Statewide Funding mission is to make that happen.

This is a huge, important part of our economy. Housing overall is a $23 trillion business, and mortgages account for $13 trillion. Yet home finance operates in the same way it has for decades — through opaque systems and expensive intermediaries whose interests are misaligned with consumers’.

That’s why Statewide Funding is re-engineering the home finance process from the ground up. We’re using technology to make it faster and more efficient, and humans to help make it friendly and enjoyable.

Please join us in making home finance better.


Statewide Funding specializes in low interest mortgage loans, purchase transactions and mortgage refinances for borrowers with a multitude of programs to get you qualified.

Statewide Funding streamlines the application and lending process, reducing their own costs and passing these savings on to customers by undercutting larger banks and lenders with lower interest rates, no application fees or deposits. 

With our vast industry knowledge based on over 20 years of experience we have help thousands of clients. We are singularly focused on changing the way Americans get a mortgage. Step-by-step we are taking apart the old mortgage infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology and the industries best Licensed Mortgage Advisors to help you through the entire process. 

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